Need Repair

Clinical Trials: Not Broken, But In Need Of Repair

We all know the days of Big Pharma companies launching billion-dollar blockbuster drugs are generally behind us. Today, novel new therapies are harder to bring to market. Trials are costly, take a long time to complete, and too many of them fail. On top of that, many of the issues companies face today are the […]


As Asia Expects Rapid Growth, ACRP and Singapore Institute Team to Train CRC Workforce

The Singapore Ministry of Health recently set aside $35m to help train and develop CRCs in the region. The investment will fund CRC salaries and national training and certification programs via the new SCRI Academy. Following ACRP’s announcement of a new partnership with Singapore Clinical Research Institute to raise CRC professionalism in Singapore, ACRP Executive […]

Beth Harper, ACRP Workforce Innovation Officer

Competencies and Credentialing and Certification …Oh, My!

In a recent article for Clinical Leader, ACRP Workforce Innovation Officer Beth Harper discusses application of competency standards in clinical research and the unique roles credentialing, certificates, licensure, and certification can play in workforce development. Read More Source: