Charlotte French, Senior Director and Global Head for Contracting and Outsourcing, EMD Serono

Are You Wasting Money on Unnecessary Protocol Amendments?

More than one-third of costly protocol amendments are avoidable, according to research conducted by EMD Serono and Quintiles. The stakes are high: The average protocol amendment carries a $450,000 price tag, delays a study by 61 days, and hits the clinical trial industry with an average $85 million in opportunity costs, says Charlotte French, senior […]

Terri Hinkley

Adapting to the New Realities of Clinical Trials

A sometimes-daunting array of processes and technologies is putting a new kind of pressure on clinical research professionals that demands innovative training and a core reassessment of how to demonstrate skillsets, says Terri Hinkley, RN, BScN, MBA, CCRC, FACRP, Workforce Innovation Officer at the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.
David Morin

All Those Little Costs Add Up Fast for Sites

Too many sites are left absorbing study costs thanks to increasing trial complexity, technology usage, and a host of other hidden issues, says David Morin, MD, RPh, FACP, CPI, director of clinical research for the Holston Medical Group Sites. Those costs can sneak up on you, Morin explains. Example: password management. It may not sound […]

Ryan Bailey, MA, Senior Clinical Researcher, Rho

Are ‘Patient-Centric’ Clinical Trials More than a Buzzword?

It’s not a new idea, but meaningful adoption of so-called “patient-centric” trials has been a little slow out of the gate, industry experts say. “We’ve heard this term kicked around for a while, but it feels like people are talking about it a lot more now,” says Ryan Bailey, MA, senior clinical researcher with Rho. […]