Susan Doleman, Vice President, Clinical Development Operations, Replimune

Don’t Cut Corners on Big Clinical Research System Upgrades

Because the planning effort is more than worth it down the line, don’t underestimate the time, coordination, and, most important of all, the personnel you’ll need to devote from the very beginning when you do a big systems upgrade. Just ask Susan Doleman, vice president of clinical development operations at Replimune. Doleman speaks from experience, […]

By 2010, Almost 75% of Clinical Trials Will be Run by a CRO, According to New Report

Poor Communication Threatens Future Sponsor and CRO Dynamics

Sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) might want to find better ways to communicate, because they’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other, according to a new survey by Worldwide Clinical Trials (WCT). “By 2020 it is estimated almost 75% of all clinical trials will be run by CROs, yet the CRO/sponsor […]

FDA Logo

FDA Grants Spur Rare Disease Trials

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded 12 new clinical trial research grants totaling more than $18 million over the next four years to “enhance the development of medical products for patients with rare diseases,” the agency said yesterday (September 24). FDA also released the names of grant recipients, principal investigators (PIs), and […]

Hunter Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Atlantic Research Group

Don’t Let Weak Training Programs Discourage Embrace of New Technology

Clinical research professionals are showing an increasing interest in leveraging new technologies to streamline trials, but that enthusiasm can be dampened fast without the right kind of support and training, according to Hunter Walker, chief technology officer for the Atlantic Research Group (ARG). Walker offered his analysis this week at the Veeva 2018 R&D Summit […]