The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Insurance for ACRP Members

ACRP is proud to partner with Exude Inc. to offer discounted insurance for Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions (Professional) and Cyber Liability (HIPAA violations).



Many ACRP Members are often required to provide a certificate of insurance in order to be considered for various roles in the clinical research community. This policy, offered only to ACRP Members at a discounted rate, has been specially designed by an insurer with deep insight into the unique requirements of life science discovery companies and their service providers.

Policy Highlights:


Did you know that in today’s litigious environment, research professionals can face lawsuits for the failure to fulfill contractual obligations? This policy contains a clause for this very eventuality, providing you with well-rounded cover. This is in addition to the professional negligence clause, also included.


Cover against causing financial loss to a sponsor company can be found in many professional services’ policies. However, financial loss is not the only risk researchers face. Service companies can inadvertently cause bodily injury to a research subject during medical trials – and this is not usually covered by more generic policies. Our specially designed life science policy, however, provides cover for both of these exposures.

loss of documents

The loss of documents containing valuable or sensitive data can be devastating. It can also be damaging to the person held accountable. Our policy covers you in the event you are legally held responsible for the destruction, damage, loss, or misplacing of electronic or paper documents.

cyber & privacy extension

Our standard policy comes with basic virus and hacking cover, including extensive third party liability cover in the event of a hack or virus emanating from your systems. The Cyber & Privacy extension offers additional cover such as business interruption, cyber extortion, and system downtime, as well as greater limits on breach notifications.