The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Increase your brand exposure and deliver your message to key influencers and decision-makers wherever they are.

ACRP’s multi-platform sponsorship and advertising opportunities will help you reach your customers with the right message at the right time. Our team will work with yours to customize a targeted strategy to fit your budget and deliver maximum ROI.


Expo at ACRP 2023

Showcase your organization, products, and services to decision-makers and influencers.

Everyone involved in clinical trial operations – from coordinators and monitors to site managers and executives – participates at ACRP 2023, making it the perfect platform to engage your customers.

NEW: Expanded Expo Hall Hours at ACRP 2023!

The Expo officially kicks off on Friday, April 28, with additional hours Saturday, April 29, and Sunday, April 30:

Friday, April 28
5:00-7:00 pm — Opening Reception in the Expo Hall

Saturday, April 29
9:00 am-2:00 pm
4:30-6:00 pm — Networking Reception

Sunday, April 30
9:00 am-2:00 pm
4:30-6:00 pm — Networking Reception

Reserve your exhibit space and view available sponsorship opportunities.


ACRP offers an array of high-quality training webinars that specifically align with ACRP’s core competencies and work to serve clinical professionals at every level.

Your brand can be associated with professional development programming when you elect to be a supporting sponsor of an ACRP non-CEU webinar.

Alternatively, you may host your own commercial webinar on a topic of your choice!

Either way, your organization will be recognized wherever the course is mentioned, including during the webinar, on social media, the ACRP website, and in The Beat, ACRP’s weekly newsletter.

Limited day/time slots available.


  • Supporting Sponsor of an ACRP non-CEU webinar – $3,000 each

  • Exclusive Sponsor of your own commercial webinar – $5,500 each

techXpo Sessions at ACRP 2023 (Dallas)

Highlight your innovations and solutions to tech challenges facing clinical researchers in a 45-minute techXpo Session, which enables you to demonstrate your products and help clinicians solve real-world challenges in their workplace.

Your techXpo Session will be included in the full ACRP 2023 programming slate and your commercial presentation will be accessible by all attendees. You may choose from among limited day/time slots during ACRP’s Annual Meeting & Expo, taking place April 28 – May 1 at the Sheraton Dallas.

ACRP offers limited marketing support to help build attendance! Additional details about sponsored techXpo sessions at ACRP 2023 will be available soon.

techXpo Pricing

  • TBD

Clinical Trials Day

Each year in May, ACRP leads the global effort to honor clinical research professionals and raise awareness of clinical trials.

As a sponsor of International Clinical Trials Day (May 19, 2023), you will earn intensive, high brand visibility including digital advertising, a blog, and webinar opportunity, plus tremendous goodwill as you demonstrate your dedication to clinicians worldwide.

Clinical Trials Day Website Statistics

  • 25,000+ Unique Visitors
  • 46,000 Page Views
  • 5,000+ downloads of resource materials featuring sponsor logo
  • Significant Exposure through ACRP’s Social Media Audience of 71,000+ Users


Clinical Trials Day Pricing

  • Official Sponsor (Exclusive) – $20,000

  • Supporting Partner (6 available) – $7,500


Accessible to all clinical research professionals via ACRP’s YouTube channel and on, ACRPtv features brief videos showcasing a variety of expert voices from the field to shed light on the most critical topics facing clinical research today, including Patient Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion, Study Start-Up, Project Management, and more.

Your logo and brief sponsor message will appear at the start and the conclusion of the six to ten-minute ACRPtv episode (please see Submission Guidelines for details). Plus, your sponsored segment will be promoted across ACRP’s social media channels and archived for playback on demand.

View a sample sponsored segment online here.



ACRPtv Pricing

  • Single Episode – $2,250

Sponsored Blog

Position yourself as a Thought Leader from the industry’s most-trusted platform, surrounded by relevant content that is valued by clinical research professionals around the world. Your Blog will become part of the ACRP website News Feed. You win when you leverage ACRP’s broad audience and your commercial message. Your blog will be archived and searchable giving you sustained impressions!

Performance metrics are provided.

View sample sponsored blogs here and here.


Sponsored Blog Pricing

  • 1X – $2750

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

Sponsored Article (The Beat and Clinical Researcher)

Tell your story to thousands of clinical research professionals with a sponsored article in the digital The Beat newsletter or Clinical Researcher online magazine, both of which deliver to an audience of more than 55,000+ clinical research professionals.

The Beat weekly email newsletter is published every Thursday, while Clinical Researcher is published 6x annually.

Your sponsored article will also be archived and searchable on, and each issue is searchable by keyword, topic, and author – including your own sponsored content.

View an issue of The Beat here (PDF), or view samples of sponsored Clinical Researcher content here, here, and here.

The Beat and Clinical Researcher Sponsored Content Pricing


  • 1x $2750 per issue

  • 3x $2500 per issue

  • 6x $2350 per issue

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

ACRP Social Media

ACRP’s Social Media communities have seen significant growth year over year. Clinicians follow ACRP for the latest news, new tools, and initiatives, and to connect with the greater research community.

Leverage the credibility and reach of these thriving social media communities to deliver your message to industry professionals seeking recommendations on products and services, SOPs, trends, and career opportunities.

Social Media 1x Pricing* 

Facebook – $2,000 (Audience Size: 23,000+)

LinkedIn Company Page – $2,000 (Audience Size: 52,120)

Twitter – $2,000 (Audience Size: 7,600+)

Instagram $2,000 (Audience Size: 1,400+)

YouTube $2,000 (2,500 Subscribers)

Combination of Two Channels (Your Choice) – $3,500

*Package Pricing Available

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

Website Advertising

Increase your visibility with an online advertisement on ACRP’s website, which welcomes 52,000+ clinical research professionals each month. offers an inviting, easy-to-navigate experience with resources for training, certification, professional development, networking, business solutions, industry news, and FDA updates.

Sample Website Advertisements:

Home Page and Mid-Home Page Leaderboard and Banner

ACRPtv Landing Page

Website Advertising Pricing

Anchored Banner 1X:  

$3500 Home Page Leaderboard (728×90)

$3500 Home Page Vertical Billboard (300 x 600)

$2500 Mid-Home Page Leaderboard (728×90)

Rotating Banner Options 1X:

$1400 Leaderboard (728×90)

$2000 Banner (300×600)

$1200 Banner (300×250)

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.


Boost the reach of your message with retargeting and ensure you’re top of mind!

Your brand message will follow your customers or prospects across their favorite and most frequented websites. Even when they’re shopping online, booking travel, or combing a search engine, your digital banner will appear alongside their chosen content.

Retargeting Pricing

$1,000* for retargeting banners and a minimum of 85,000 additional monthly impressions

*This is an additional fee above the earned rate for your concurrent digital banner on

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

The Beat eNewsletter

The very dynamic, “The Beat” newsletter is attracting a growing number of readers, and with it, increased engagement! ACRP’s free, weekly e-newsletter publishes every Thursday and provides updates from the ACRP website including breaking news and featured content from Clinical Researcher, as well as job postings, an events calendar, and more.

View sponsored banners in The Beat here (PDF).

The Beat Statistics

Audience: ACRP Members, non-member professionals, students, and stakeholders in allied fields


  • 46,000+
  • 21% Open Rate
  • 12% Clickthrough Rate

The Beat Banner Pricing

  • 1X Pricing – $1200 (468×60)*

*Limit of five sponsored banners per issue

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

Email & Postal Rental Lists

Reach thousands of responsive clinical research professionals with the ACRP postal and email lists in your next marketing campaign!

ACRP’s diverse audience works in a variety of practice settings, roles, and specialty areas, with a wide range of experience in clinical research. What’s common about them all is their dedication and commitment to promoting excellence in clinical research.

ACRP  postal and email lists are highly customizable, so you can target the exact prospects you want to receive your messaging.  These list customization options include:

  • Focus
  • Practice Setting
  • Role
  • Years of Experience
  • ACRP Members
  • Full Database, including Non-Members

View a sample sponsored email online here (PDF).

List Pricing Options

Member and Customer Email Addresses – $350/M* plus deployment fees

Member and Customer Postal Addresses – $195/M*

*M = Per Thousand Records

Sponsored emails are fulfilled by our partner, INFOCUS Marketing, and must be GDPR compliant.

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

Career Center 

Tell your recruiting story to thousands of job seekers – ACRP members and non-member professionals alike – with a digital banner on the ACRP Career Center home page, or bulk job listings within the Career Center Job Board.*

Career Center Page Audience

  • 42,000+ Page Views
  • 7,186 New Users in 2019
  • 4+ Page Views Per Visit
  • 3+ Minutes Spent Per Visit

Talent Acquisition Bulk Packages

BRONZE Talent Acquisition Package – 6 Month Flight ($5.000)

  • Package includes 6-month Featured Employer Profile

  • Twenty-five (25) 30-Day Job Listings (must be posted within 6 months of purchase)

  • Five free featured job upgrades

  • Six months access to the ACRP Resume Database

SILVER Talent Acquisition Package – 6 Month Flight ($10,000)

  • Package includes 6-month Featured Employer Profile

  • One Hundred (100) 30-Day Job Listings (must be posted within 6 months of purchase)

  • 25 free featured job upgrades

  • Six months access to the ACRP Resume Database

  • 1x BLOG on

  • 3-month Digital Banner on

GOLD Talent Acquisition Package – 6 Month Flight ($15,000)

  • Package includes 6-monthFeatured Employer Profile

  • Two Hundred and Fifty (250) 30-Day Job Listings (must be posted within 6 months of purchase)

  • 50 free featured job upgrades

  • 6 months access to the ACRP Resume Database

  • 1x BLOG on

  • Six month Digital Banner on

  • A Job Listing in each weekly issue of TheBeat eNewsletter for six (6) months

Please see Submission Guidelines for details and specs.

Become a Featured Employer in the ACRP Career Center

Enjoy a far-reaching presence within the Career Center when you compound your branding as a Featured Employer.

In the ACRP Career Center, you can promote your work culture and career opportunities with a custom Featured Employer profile. Your logo will appear on the job seeker home page, the job search results pages, and on each of your job postings – all linking directly to your profile.

Featured Employer (30 Day Option) status includes:

  • A dynamic Employer Profile page
  • A digital Banner linking to your Profile page and included in rotation with other Featured Employer Banners
  • Option to include a video link on all active jobs
  • Your digital Banner** will follow your job(s) across the NHC for extra targeted exposure

**Does not include the price of job listings. A 30-day listing broadcast to the NHCN starts at $450.

Looking for a longer-term solution? Become a 12-month Featured Employer with a year-long Employer Profile page including up to twenty-five (25) 60-day Job Listings monthly.

Featured Employer Pricing 

  • 30-day Featured Employer with a dynamic Profile page – $1,230**

  • 12-month Featured Employer with a year-long Profile page – $15,000

**Does not include the price of job listings. A 30-day listing broadcast to the NHCN starts at $450.

Virtual Career Fairs

Connect with job seekers with a private Virtual Career Fair, hosted exclusively for your organization.

There are two formats for hosting your recruiting event; either option includes a limited marketing package to promote attendance.

Option 1: ACRP’s Career Fair partner, CareerECO, provides an easy and efficient way to identify and engage live with candidates wherever they find internet connectivity. This more traditional online Fair option is complete with chat rooms, and multiple recruiters on hand for 1:1 interviews.

Option 2: An exclusive 60-minute webinar has become a popular option. Set up like a standard webinar presentation, you may present using a slide deck in a relaxed atmosphere followed by Q&A.

Virtual Career Fair Pricing

Private, two-hour Virtual Career Fair using the CareerECO platform – $6,000

Exclusive 60-minute webinar – $4,000