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techXpo Replay—Knowing is Half the Battle: How Site Performance Reports Can Optimize Clinical Trial Outcomes and Strengthen Partnerships


  • Rachel Lewis, Director, Project Management, Merck & Co.
  • Suzie Talbot, CEO, Diex Recherche


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Research has shown that our clinical sites want and need actionable insights into their performance on an ongoing basis, however more than 75% of sites do not receive this feedback from Sponsors or CROs, with the exception of recruitment metrics. We will examine the benefits from both a Sponsor/CRO and a sites perspective on gaining these insights, and share the steps being taken to deliver a set of key performance metrics to sites to optimize clinical outcomes and strengthen relationships between Sponsors/CROs and sites.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide insights into the collaborative development of a site-facing performance report
  • Discuss the value of providing metrics to sites, particularly as we continue to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic to our new normal for clinical trial conduct and the need for increased remote interactions.

This techXpo session is sponsored by Merck & Co., in conjunction with ACRP 2020.

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