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Project Management for Clinical Research Professionals

Contact Hours: 12.0 (ACRP, CBRN, ACCME)

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Two-Day Course | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

NOTE: This course is not available for individual registration. 

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This course is available for organizations only. If you are interested in this course for your organization, please contact Jenna Rouse, Director, Business Development, at +1.703.254.8109, or email

This is an intensive two-day course which provides detailed and practical guidance on the different project management skills used by study sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), so helps you decide how to apply these skills in your situation. The course is specifically designed for clinical research project management, with examples and exercises developed using pharmaceutical research scenarios. A key component of this course is that you will learn how to take control of your clinical trials, to manage and direct them, rather than simply tracking what is happening.

Attendees new to project management will receive an introduction to the project management of clinical trials, whereas those more familiar with project management will receive a boost to their knowledge and further their understanding of how sponsor and CRO companies operate.

Learning Objectives

  • Define project management and understand the differences between the role of project management and a senior clinical role.
  • Apply measurement and control to project timelines, tasks and staff resourcing.
  • Describe different management methods and how they operate to achieve project control.
  • Cite aspects of project management from budget management to operational delivery.
  • Properly document your project management systems and procedures.


Clinical research professionals interested in enhancing project management skills or moving into a project management role.

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