Webinar Replay: Meeting the Challenge of Device Studies

This webinar replay will help attendees discern and anticipate these important differences with an eye to best practices in device studies and collaborative solutions for success. Webinar replay expires June 28, 2018.

Webinar Replay: Sponsor Best Practices From a Study Coordinator Perspective: Changes Sponsors Should Make Today

Through focus groups and survey administration, original research was conducted to determine actionable changes for sponsors to make to reshape clinical trial management with Study Coordinators in mind. Data will be presented as a case study to review research findings, the operational changes made based on findings and the tools used to facilitate changes. Webinar Replay expires June 20, 2018.

Introduction to Clinical Trials

This free program provides fundamental education about the role clinical research plays in advancing medical knowledge and the work conducted by clinical research professionals. The course details how medical products are developed, how volunteer patients are protected, and who plays key roles in the development, research, review, and approval of medical products.