The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Benefits of Certification

ACRP Certification is making a difference in clinical research, driving site efficiency, establishing professionalism, setting the standard for quality, and defining the future of ethical, responsible clinical research.

By committing to ACRP Certification, you will be promoting professionalism, validating your competence, dedicating yourself to quality standards, and elevating yourself above the crowd.


We sat down with clinical research professionals and asked them what ACRP Certification means to them. Here’s what they had to say.

Promoting Professionalism

From nursing to accounting and beyond, certification programs serve to “professionalize” an occupation.

By committing to ACRP’s Certification programs, you will evolve from a clinical researcher to an established clinical research professional. You will set the example for others to follow and be recognized as a leader.

A “profession” consists of three primary elements: a defined core body of knowledge and ongoing professional development; assessment of attainment of necessary knowledge and skills (certification); and a code of ethics*.

ACRP Certification programs are grounded in the core body of knowledge as defined through a proprietary job analysis and described in the Detailed Content Outline for each designation (CCRA®, CCRC®, CPI®).

Individuals certified by ACRP commit to keeping their knowledge and skills current through professional development to maintain Certification status every two years, and all agree to adhere to ACRP’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

*Harvard Business School “Inquiry and Innovation 1908-2008: What Makes a Profession?” Copyright 2009

Why Certificants Seek Certification


Validating Competence

There’s a difference between thinking you’re an elite clinical research professional and proving it — to yourself and to others.

Earning your ACRP Certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely and ethically perform clinical research.

ACRP Certification is an impartial third-party endorsement of your understanding of international clinical research standards and your ability to apply that knowledge on the job.

Unlike other options that test your capacity to recall information, our exams measure your judgment, application of knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.

ACRP Certification exams are developed by practicing subject matter experts in clinical research, and are based on the unique knowledge and skills required for specific job roles, as identified through an internationally validated job analysis survey.

Post-exam statistics verify the reliability of ACRP Certification exams in assessing competencies of clinical research professionals.

Certificants Agree: ACRP Certification Validates Job-Specific Knowledge

Committing to Quality Standards

Ensuring human subject protection, data quality, and regulatory compliance are the core tenets of ethical, responsible clinical research. By pursuing ACRP Certification you are making a commitment to uphold these principles in pursuit of the highest international standards of quality research.

Deborah Lasher


Setting Yourself Apart

ACRP Certification elevates you above the crowd. The recognition and confidence that result from your commitment will prepare you for greater responsibility and open the door to career advancement.

Employers and colleagues will notice your dedication, giving you an edge in a competitive market.

ACRP Certificants Earn More

Certification Brochure Cover

ACRP Certification Brochure

Learn what ACRP Certification can do for you and your organization. Inside this brochure, you will find data, testimonials from current certificants, and information on how and when you can apply to earn the flagship certification in clinical research.


Invest in Yourself. Invest in Your Career

People often say they aren’t pursuing ACRP Certification because they think it takes too much time, it costs too much, or provides no value. Feel lthe same way? Watch this short video and see if it changes the way you feel.


Accreditation Means Quality

ACRP Certification programs are held to the highest standards, as established by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The CCRC®, CCRA®, and CPI® programs are accredited by the NCCA, meaning they meet the highest standards for development, administration, and governance of certification and testing programs.

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Avoid Redundant GCP Training

TransCelerate BioPharma recognizes the CCRC®, CCRA®, and CPI® designations as evidence of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training. If you work on trials for one of TransCelerate’s 20 member companies, your credential excludes you from redundant GCP training.

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Achieve Magnet Recognition

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) recognizes the CCRC® and CCRA® designations toward assisting a hospital in meeting requirements of its Magnet Recognition Program. If you work in hospital-based research, earning your designation enhances your value.

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