The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Initiatives

Setting Standards for Professional Competence

We are helping professionalize clinical research by defining and promoting standardized competence requirements for the clinical trial workforce.

Our efforts are driven by the collaborative ACRP Workforce Innovation Steering Committee (WISC), whose membership includes leadership from a broad group of stakeholders, including study sponsors, contract research organizations, clinical trial sites, academic research institutions, and regulatory agencies.

The WISC provides oversight for needed workforce planning, development, and assessment activities intended to improve quality and respond to changes occurring in the clinical research enterprise.

Building Competence in the Workforce

We are improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of clinical research professionals by providing competence-based education and training programs.

With a broad portfolio of online and in-person training programs – and a new strategic partnership with Barnett International – we are able to connect professionals and organizations with an unmatched portfolio of world-class training programs.

We work with the best of the best in adult education and training to help our members and clients – which include the U.S. FDA, Roche, and more – meet operational challenges by building workforce competence.

Validating Competence in the Workforce

We are validating the competence of the clinical research workforce by testing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of professionals through independent and accredited certification programs.

More than 32,000 experienced clinical researchers have earned ACRP Certification, making ACRP the leading organization validating professional competence in the industry.

We are also working through the ACRP Workforce Innovation Steering Committee to develop an Entry-Level Assessment (ELA) of professional competence. The ELA will provide a standardized measure of entry-level competence, help reduce variance in workforce competence, and assist in growing the clinical research workforce of tomorrow.