Stop the Presses! Clinical Researcher Moving to Digital-Only Format

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

The final printed issue of Clinical Researcher will be mailed to ACRP Members next week. You will continue receiving the articles, columns, and peer-reviewed content you so highly value; but starting with the December issue, Clinical Researcher will only be available online at

Here’s Why…

We are building community in clinical research by providing platforms to foster the exchange of ideas and information among clinical research professionals.

The clinical research community has long relied on Clinical Researcher, and The Monitor before it, as the go-to resource for community perspectives, innovative ideas, best practices, and beyond.

But we can do more. We can do more to help you keep pace with the rapid evolution in the clinical research enterprise by evolving ourselves – by providing you with the content you value more often and more quickly.

Our goal is to continue building the competencies needed by the clinical research community and keep you informed through an enhanced Clinical Researcher that provides faster updates on changes affecting you, the ability to dive deeper into any given topic, greater opportunity for interactivity, engagement, and dialogue. But we can only capitalize on this opportunity by embracing the digital tools available today and into the future.

With this change, we are positioned to bring you more content at a faster pace; you will be connected with more voices from the field, more insights and perspectives, and more regulatory developments, news, and trends impacting clinical trials.

We will also publish more frequently; you will receive 10 issues Clinical Researcher each year, rather than six. Additionally, you will have access to more Home Study CEUs.

And we are better positioned to build community by integrating the digital tools that will enable Clinical Researcher’s evolution toward a more “social” conduit of community engagement.

This change is also in support of efforts to provide a more “green” method of providing the information you need. However, you will still have the opportunity to print Home Study articles in PDF form if you like.

We have a lot more great news to share in the coming months as we prepare to make 2018 the best yet, but we are excited to get a jump on the year by implementing this change in December.

Thank you for your continued support of ACRP and our mission to promote excellence in clinical research.

How Will I Receive Clinical Researcher?

You can access Clinical Researcher at any time by visiting

You will continue receiving “issue alert” emails when issues are posted online.

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  2. Click “My Subscriptions” under “My Account Links.”
  3. Make sure the box next to “Membership” is selected to ensure delivery of Clinical Researcher “issue alert” emails.
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