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ACRP-CP® (Association of Clinical Research Professionals – Certified Professional) is a new credential formally recognizing professionals involved in the conduct of clinical studies/trials who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform ethical and responsible clinical research by passing the standardized ACRP Certified Professional Exam.

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Nikki Christison, CCRA, TIACT, President, Clinical Resolutions, Inc.

Why are Soft Skills So Hard? Part III

Soft skills continue to challenge us in our “hurry up and do more, with less” environment. Often, we don’t take the time to carefully explain why we are asking for something. In Part I and Part II of this series, we touched on the importance of utilizing more thoughtful communication skills at the sponsor/contract research organization […]

John Boland, Vice President, Atlantic Research Group

New Coalition Works to Advance Rare Disease Trials

A new coalition featuring a wide swath of professionals in the clinical trial space hopes to serve as a platform to spark and share best practices and innovative ideas to accelerate the rare disease trial timeline. It won’t be easy, admits John Boland, vice president with Atlantic Research Group, a contract research organization helping to […]

Glenda Guest, CCRA, RQAP-GCP, TIACR, vice president of Norwich Clinical Research Associates Ltd.

Should Physicians be Solely Responsible for Informed Consent? One State Thinks So

Editor’s Note: A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision has ruled that physicians, not their delegates, should obtain consent for “…administering an experimental medication or device” (40 P.S. § 1303.504). It is unclear how this will impact obtaining consent in a research setting. ACRP reached out to Glenda Guest, vice president of Norwich Clinical Research Associates […]


Webinar: An Introduction to Gene Therapy Research

Review the current state of gene therapy research and associated risks, and learn how to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and prepare sites to conduct gene therapy research.


Webinar: Significant Strides in Rare Diseases Through Personalized Medicine

Gain an understanding of the challenges to the study of rare genetic disease and see examples of the collaborative and multidisciplinary research advancing this field.


Webinar: How to Use Performance Analytics to Improve CRO Performance

Hear insights from sponsors and sites on reliable actionable data that can help CROs improve performance.


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New — ACRP Members Save 10% on Barnett Training through Strategic Partnership

ACRP and Barnett International’s new strategic partnership provides ACRP Members with expanded access to high-quality education and training, and an exclusive 10% discount on Barnett’s online and in-person programs for clinical research professionals.

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