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Hunter Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Atlantic Research Group

Don’t Let Weak Training Programs Discourage Embrace of New Technology

Clinical research professionals are showing an increasing interest in leveraging new technologies to streamline trials, but that enthusiasm can be dampened fast without the right kind of support and training, according to Hunter Walker, chief technology officer for the Atlantic Research Group (ARG). Walker offered his analysis this week at the Veeva 2018 R&D Summit […]

Tales of ‘Paying it Forward’ Abound in Clinical Research

The term “paying it forward” describes a perpetuation of kindness, wherein one person’s initial demonstration of charity or helpfulness to another inspires the recipient to, in turn, be kind to someone else in need. In clinical research, paying kindness forward manifests in such ways as mentoring colleagues, healing patients, and helping to resolve quality issues. […]

Jessica Thurmond, CRA, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Inadequate Entry-Level Training Creates Staggering Personnel Turnover Rates

Lacking widespread formal training and development standards for newcomers, the clinical trial industry is thrashing about in something of a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to high staff turnover levels. Just ask Jessica Thurmond, a clinical research associate (CRA) with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute. Thurmond says she sees “[fledgling clinical research] coordinators [CRCs] thrown […]

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Virtual Career Fair – CRAs and Oncology Clinicians

CRA or Oncology clinician? Let ACRP help guide you to your next career.


Webinar: How Can Real World Data Improve the Early Clinical Development Process?

October 3, 2018, 12:00-1:00 pm EST – We will review in detail the types of Real World Data (RWD) sources available in the US, Europe and Asia, both proprietary and government-sourced, that can be leveraged to inform trial design and execution.


Webinar: Attaining the Perfect Balance: Objective Protocol Feasibility Scoring

October 24, 2018, 12:00-1:00 PM ET – Increasing clinical trial complexity with leaner budgets demand the clinical trial site be more agile than ever. Sites must balance needs to effectively staff trials and distribute workload between team members or justify increasing staff to support growing demands.


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