ACRP Certification is the formal recognition of clinical research professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform ethical and responsible clinical research by passing one of three role-specific certification exams based on international standards.

By committing to ACRP Certification, you will be promoting professionalism, validating your competence, dedicating yourself to quality standards, and elevating yourself above the crowd.

Certified Clinical Research Associate (CCRA)

A CRA monitors the administration and progress of a clinical trial on behalf of a sponsor. A CRA must be independent of the investigative staff conducting the research at the site or institution. The CCRA credential is awarded to a CRA who has passed the standardized ACRP CRA Certification exam.
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Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC)

A CRC works at a clinical research site with study subjects under the immediate direction of an investigator whose research activities are conducted under GCP Guidelines. The CCRC credential is awarded to a CRC who has passed the standardized ACRP CRC Certification exam.
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Certified Principal Investigator (CPI)

A PI holds a doctoral-level degree (PhD, PharmD, DNP, DO, MD, DDS or equivalent degree) and serves as the primary, sub-, or co-investigator on a clinical trial. A PI accepts responsibility for the safe and ethical conduct of a clinical trial. The CPI credential is awarded to a PI who has passed the standardized ACRP PI Certification exam.
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Unlike other programs that test your capacity to recall information, ACRP Certification programs measure your judgment, application of knowledge, and problem-solving abilities gained through hands-on experience and applied in an exam setting. Each program tests the unique knowledge and skills required for that specific job role. The exams are grounded in International Conference on Harmonization Guidelines for clinical research. Exams are offered over three weeks every March and September at more than 600 testing sites in more than 80 countries and consist of 125 multiple-choice items.

ACRP Certification is administered by the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals (The Academy), an independent affiliate of ACRP whose mission is to promote and maintain high standards and best practices of clinical research by recognizing those professionals who demonstrate a well-defined competency through valid and reliable credentialing programs. Learn More About the Academy


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