Webinar FAQs


Registration, Payment

Q: We would like to purchase webinars for a group. Do you offer group rates?

A: Groups may attend ACRP webinars under one registration; however, if you need the contact hours, then you must purchase the webinar individually. The rate is $99 for each ACRP member and $149 for each non-member. Due to a number of administrative requirements, our system is set-up on an individual basis. Group discounts aren’t available when more than one person is applying for contact hours.  

Q: My company/department doesn’t have a credit card. Can I send a check?

A: Webinar registration is online only with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card.

Q: I’m trying to register and it won’t go through. Can I send a check, or can you invoice me?

A: Enter credit card number without any dashes or spaces. Webinar registration is online only with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

Q: Is your webinar payment site secure? I received an error message.

A: Our website is fully secure. You may be using an expired link. Please try again via www.acrpnet.org.

Q: I missed the registration deadline. Can I still register for the webinar?

A: Registration ends 12 hours in advance of the webinar to give registrants enough time to manage technical tasks beforehand.   Please be sure to register in advance.

Q: I have a schedule conflict/will be out of the office and want to transfer my registration to another person.

A: At this time it is not possible to transfer registrations from one person to another.  The original purchaser should plan to access the recording at their convenience within 30 days of the original air date.

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Accessing Webinars

Q: I have a scheduling conflict and can’t make it to the webinar. Is a recording available?

A: For a more complete educational experience, please try to rearrange your schedule so that you can attend. If attendance isn’t possible, requests for the recording will be accepted after the live webinar has occurred.  The recording is available the next day and for 30 days after the webinar has concluded. Contact hours are still available to the purchaser with the completion of an evaluation form within this 30-day window. Contact ACRP's Professional Development staff, at PD@acrpnet.org for assistance.

Q: I am unsure of the start time as I am in a different time zone.

A: Convert the advertised time to your own time at http://www.timeanddate.com/.

Q: How do I know the webinar will work on my computer?

A: Diagnose your system at http://support.webex.com/support/support-overview.html. Technical assistance is also available by calling  1-866-229-3239 (North America) or  408-435-7088 (International).

Q: How do I access the webinar?


  • Go to www.acrpnet.org and log-in using the box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.
  • Under Your Quicklinks, click “My Tests, Evaluations, & Certificates.”
  • The webinar(s) you have purchased will be listed there.
  • Click on 'Go To Webinar'.
  • Left side of page: Click Register and provide your first name, last name, and email address

Q: I have not received any information on how to access the event.

A: Please add office@acrpnet.org to your Safe Senders List to facilitate delivery of all instructions. Upon purchase of a webinar, you will receive an ACRP system-generated email with instructions on how to sign-in. Subsequent communications instructing you to join the webinar will come from ACRP the day of the morning of the live event. Check your Junk Email box or contact your I.T. Department if you believe communications are being filtered.

Q: I missed the first few minutes/I had technical problems and missed the start.

A: A recording will be available 24 hours after the webinar has ended. Contact ACRP's Professional Development staff, at PD@acrpnet.org for assistance

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Q: I have not received the presentation/handout.

A: Handouts are always attached to the instructional email sent from ACRP to all purchasers on the day of the live event. If you’re viewing the webinar as part of a larger group, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to share copies of the handouts with his/her group.

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Submitting Questions

Q: How do I submit a question to the presenter?

A: Use the Q & A Panel in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to type your question. The presenter will respond verbally through the computer. Any questions not answered during the webinar will be answered by email afterwards.

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Evaluation, Continuing Education Credits

Q: How do I obtain continuing education credits for attending this webinar?

A: You must purchase the webinar and complete the online evaluation form in order to receive credit.  Go towww.acrpnet.org and log-in to your “My Tests, Evaluations, and Certificates” page. A link to the evaluation form will be ready one day after the webinar is completed. The evaluation form must be completed within 30 days of the conclusion of the webinar to receive credit. The cost of the continuing education credits is included in your registration fee.

Q: I attended the webinar and completed the evaluation form. How do I get my certificate of completion?

A: When you complete and submit the evaluation form, the Certificate area on your My Tests, Evaluations, and Certificates page will become active. Click 'View Certificate' and print.

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Technical Difficulties, Support

Q: How do I know the webinar will work on my computer?

A: Work with your IT Department and WebEx to ensure receipt of the online audio broadcast (System Requirements/Test Your System).

Q: The webinar has started and the technology isn’t working.

A: Technical Support is provided by Cisco WebEx. Call toll-free in North America:  1-866-229-3239. International toll:  +1-408-435-7088.

Q: The webinar has started and I cannot hear the speaker/presenter.

A: Make sure your desktop computer has a speaker system, or attach external speakers to a laptop. Check your volume/mute button. If the problem continues, contact WebEx by phone or online as shown above.

Q: My computer doesn’t have speakers/Our laptop doesn’t have speakers. How can we hear the webinar?

A: To contain our costs, sound is delivered only through your computer's speakers. Please check with your IT Department to determine whether your computer has internal speakers, to add external speakers, or to connect to a house PA system.

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Webinar Replays

Q: I would like to purchase a Webinar Replay. How does it work?

A: Upon purchase, an account is created in your name if you’re not already an ACRP member.  Logon to the ACRP website and click the My Tests, Evaluations, and Certificates Quicklink in the post-login area. Scroll down to Webinar Replays and click View Handout. Once the handout is downloaded, click Go To Replay.  Sign-in by completing the required fields; click “Submit”. The recording should start playing automatically.  When you’ve finished listening, go back to your My Tests, Evaluations, and Certificates page and complete the evaluation form.  The completion certificate will be available immediately on My Tests, Evaluations, and Certificates and the contact hours will go in your ACRP Transcript. Administrative support is available by contactingPD@acrpnet.org. If you experience difficulties with audiovisual streaming or playback after signing-in on the WebEx website, please contact your IT department or call WebEx Technical Support at 866-229-3239.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can listen to a Webinar Replay?

A: There is no limit as long as ACRP maintains a contract with WebEx and the Replay has not yet reached its expiration date. We suggest that you listen to the Replay, complete the evaluation form, and claim your contact hours (if needed) within 30 days of purchase.

Q: I bought a Webinar Replay and now I can't access it. What happened?

A: Webinar Replays expire one year from the published "Original Air Date." A refund will be issued upon verification that the Replay has not been accessed and the contact hours have not been claimed.

Q: How are webinars created?

A: ACRP has a quality management system in place to ensure the highest quality (topics and presenters) and a fair, transparent procedure. Presenter experts from the field either present their topic to us or the ACRP professional development staff asks for expert presenters on current, relevant topics in the field. Once the topic is deemed appropriate, the Professional Development Program reviews the content, the learning objectives and the credibility of the presenters. Changes are being made accordingly to ensure the highest quality.

Q: How long are replays available after the day of broadcast?

A: To ensure the content is current and relevant, webinar replays are available for one year from the original air date.

Q: How often can I listen to the recording once purchased?

A: You can listen as many times as you want prior to the stated expiration date.

Q: I listened to the recording. Now how can I claim my contact hours?

A: You need to complete the evaluation form upon completion to be able to claim your contact hours. ACRP reviews the evaluation forms to take corrective actions if required.

Q: If we listen in group to the replay, will we all get the contact hours?

A: As there is no way we can check who actually sat in and listened to the recording, only the person that purchased the replay via our website gets the contact hours.

Q: How much do replays cost?

A: ACRP Members pay $79 and non-members pay $119. This to ensure membership value.

Q: Where can I find the list of webinar replays to choose from?

A: The list can be found on the Webinar Replays page.

Q: Where can I find the contact information of the expert presenter?

A: The contact information of the expert presenter can be found at the end of the presentation (slides).

Q: I have further questions. Who do I contact at ACRP regarding webinars and webinar replays?

A: You can contact ACRP's Professional Development staff at PD@acrpnet.org

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Refunds & Cancellations

Q: The webinar technology didn’t work. Can I get a refund? 

A: Before purchasing a Webinar please visit the WebEx support page athttp://support.webex.com/support/support-overview.html. Most technological glitches can be traced to your company’s firewalls, security settings, or other network issues. Please work with WebEx and your I.T. Department to resolve these issues in advance. If technical glitches prevent access to the live webinar, access to a recording will be granted. Contact hours are still available to the purchaser with the completion of an evaluation form within this 30-day window. If you must cancel, a $50 administrative fee will be deducted from your refund.

Q: I need to cancel and get a refund.
A: Once purchased, webinars cannot be refunded. If your refund request is due to a scheduling conflict, you may contact ACRP's Professional Development staff, at PD@acrpnet.org for assistance with a link to the recording.

Q: I’m unhappy with the content of the webinar. Can I get a refund?
A: Please submit comments on the evaluation form and/or use the feedback form at the end of the webinar. Depending on feedback from all participants, refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any decision to offer a refund is strictly at ACRP’s discretion.?

Q: What if I have a scheduling conflict?

A: We understand plans can change. Scheduling conflicts may include unexpected meetings or other work obligations, absence from the usual workplace, personal or family illness, jury duty, etc. In these cases, requests for access to the recording will be accepted after the webinar has occurred. The recording is available the next day and for 30 days after the webinar has concluded. Contact hours are still available to the purchaser with the completion of an evaluation form within this 30-day window. At this time it is not possible to transfer a registration from one person to another.
In case of death in the family, unexpected call to military duty, state or national emergency, or natural disaster, every attempt will be made to accommodate the purchaser and/or group. In most cases, access to a recording will be granted and provisions made for the purchaser to claim his/her contact hours.

Contact ACRP's Professional Development staff at PD@acrpnet.org for assistance.

As a reminder: Only the purchaser is entitled to complete an evaluation form and claim the contact hours. In all instances (except natural disaster), the evaluation form must be completed and contact hours claimed within 30 days after the live webinar date.

For assistance, please contact ACRP's Professional Development staff atPD@acrpnet.org.

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