Launching Your Career

“How can I get started in the clinical research field?” is a question with no single answer, as many paths exist for entering and navigating clinical research careers.

The resources here can, however, provide you with some guidance and jump start your career as a clinical research professional.

How to Enter the Clinical Research Field Webinar


FREE WEBINAR REPLAY - Experienced clinical researchers - what is next in your career growth?
Are you a clinical researcher and have been working in the field for several years? Are you ready for your next career move (perhaps it’s time to change jobs or maybe it’s time for a promotion or some additional responsibilities), but you don’t know how to get there? This webinar will provide you with some useful insights from very experienced researchers in different roles (CRA, CRC, investigator, academia) and who are currently active in the research field. Tips and tricks will be provided on available resources like required competencies and potential career pathways to follow per role and per years of experience, amongst others. This webinar is free of charge and does not provide any credits.

Building Foundational Knowledge
All clinical research professionals need training on human subject protection and ethics, as well as the International Conference on Harmonization’s Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (commonly referred to as “GCP” guidelines), which are the globally recognized standard for clinical trial conduct. ACRP offers introductory training on ethics, GCP, and other “fundamental” clinical research issues:

Developing Core Competencies
Adding, subtracting, and dividing are among the core competencies desired in an accountant. For clinical research professionals, a universally applicable and globally relevant framework now identifies the competency domains and the associated cognitive skills necessary of an individual to conduct a high-quality, ethical, and safe clinical trial. This framework is the result of a multi-stakeholder effort, of which ACRP is at the forefront. Developing the defined competencies can help you not only land a job in clinical research, but thrive:

Finding Your Job
ACRP's Career Center should be your primary resource when looking to apply for a job in clinical research. Explore hundreds of job opportunities in clinical research, or browse job postings to get a sense of what employers are looking for in candidates so you can plan accordingly to get your foot in the door:

Related Readings
ACRP's journal, Clinical Researcher (formerly The Monitor), frequently provides career guidance for both budding and experienced professionals. The December 2015 is solely focused on careers in clinical research and will be available early online in November. In the meantime, explore:

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