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24 February 2015 - ACRP Belgian Chapter Meeting

Title: 2015 Lecture Series: "Why Does Sex Matter in Clinical Trials?"
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Location: SGS Offices
Generaal de Wittelaan 19
2800 Mechelen, Belgium
Speaker: Ms. Britt Daminet
Dept of Biomedical Sciences
University of Brussels
Program Description:

Women represent more than half of the European population and are the major consumers of health care and prescription drugs. As such, they should not be considered as a minority population in clinical research. It is therefore critical that women are treated as an equal gender, whose health requires the same research efforts as those provided to men. For decades, the underrepresentation of women in clinical trials resulted in inequality in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of diseases between sexes. So, what are the possible reasons for the lack of clinical research in this subgroup?

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Non-Member: €40

28 April 2015 - ACRP Belgian Chapter Meeting
23 June 2015 - ACRP Belgian Chapter Meeting
26 November 2015 - ACRP 18th European Conference

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